Authentic Brazilian style Jiu-jitsu is: “The most Complete and effective system of self-defence known to man”. However, do to the rise in popularity of sport grappling tournaments and events, many people, including some involved in sport BJJ, “mistakenly believe that our Jiu-jitsu is limited to ground fighting and grappling.” Nothing could be further from the truth, in fact, authentic “street self-defence” orientated Brazilian Jiu-jitsu has been accurately described in the following way:


“Jiu-jitsu is the most scientific martial art of attack and defense. It combines all of the martial arts into one system, and for this reason it is considered to be the most complete martial art and is the best for use in real combat.”


While many martial arts or self-defence systems over specialize and limit their effectiveness (usually because of the rules of their sport version) the basic categories of jiu-jitsu techniques (“waza”) correspond to entire martial arts styles. By learning authentic Brazilian Jiu-jitsu you will be learning only the most tested and proven elements of all the major martial arts, refined over generations of actual armed and unarmed combat.

Authentic Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training includes:

A) Throws & takedowns-           (Judo)

B) Hand & foot strikes   –           (Karate)

C) Standing joint locks  –            (Aikido)


Furthermore, Brazilian jiu-jitsu has become world-famous for its unique and once closely guarded “art and science of ground defense” which allows a person to be able to defend themselves, in the real world, against much larger and aggressive assailants – even in positions and situations that other martial arts and self-defence styles had considered hopeless.

This “science of ground defense jiu-jitsu” has its origins in Japan at the highly prestigious BOTOKUKAI, which was the national martial arts governing body. The Japanese Royal Family and military founded this organization in 1895 and  commissioned it to further the work that Dr. Kano had started. The BOTOKUKAI was tasked with the sacred national trust of bringing Jiu-jitsu into the 20th century so that it could serve the national interests of the Japanese government and not individual feudal lords. They would for the first time in history bring together the greatest and once mutually hostile traditional jiu-jitsu masters and combine all of their most combat effective and deadly techniques, from their separate ancient and very secretive Jiu-jitsu schools, into one ultimate modern scientific system of Jiu-jitsu. They brought the deadly art of entanglement and science of ground defense to new heights of effectiveness and systematization.  Never before had the ancient jiu-jitsu secrets been revealed, demystified, dissected, analyzed, codified and broken down into an applied science of lethal ground fighting that was organized as follows:


1) Katame-Waza: immobilizations

2) Shime-Waza  :  chokes & strangles

3) Ude-kwansetsu-Waza: how to break the arms

4) Ashi-Kwansetsu-Waza:how to break the legs:

        “Leg Locks”

A) The Foot:                                                                 B) The Knee:                                                                             C) The Hip:

-“Crushing” of the Achilles Tendon                         – Hyperextension of the knee joint                                      – Ripping/stretching of groin muscles

-Hyperextension of the ankle joint                          – “Twisting” of the knee joint                                                – “Twisting” of the hip socket

-“Twisting” of the heel                                                – “Compression”/hyper flexion of calf muscles

5) Kubi-Kwansetsu-Waza:how to break the neck


The BOTOKUKAI was destroyed at the end of WORLD WAR II and much of its knowledge was lost or outlawed by the occupying allied forces. Only in a few places such as Brazil was this jiu-jitsu and science of ground defense preserved and developed by those who had learned the secrets from Japanese immigrants and diplomats. In Brazil, the hot-blooded culture and high rates of crime and violence put Jiu-jitsu to the test in ways it could not have been in Japan. Transplanting this method to Brazil both preserved it and vastly accelerated its evolution into an unassailable street self-defence system.

In Brazil this science was applied to solving the problems that were posed by modern street attacks that frequently occurred on the lawless streets of urban South America. Furthermore, Jiu-jitsu was uniquely developed by the high-pressure “living laboratory” of the “no holds barred” rings known as “VALE TUDO”.  This pre-tournament era Jiu-jitsu was not used to compete against other jiu-jitsu athletes in safe “no contact” contests, as the Japanese and most contemporary sport BJJ people do, but to fight against other martial art styles and professional fighters in bloody bare knuckle “no rules” affairs of honour. These fights were held publicly to determine which fighter and styles could really claim to be the best and most effective and it was Jiu-jitsu that reigned supreme becoming the only “undefeated martial art” in history.

While this was happening in Brazil during the 1920s and 30s Japan was becoming a fascist nation and became an ally of Nazi Germany while Brazil went on to join the allied cause in WW II. In Rio this caused the jiu-jitsu fighters to break with the Japanese and make them want to prove their fighting superiority over them. Many challenge matches ensued over the years as the Japanese tried to prove their jiu-jitsu superiority but it was the Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighters largely under the leadership of the Gracie family that proved they had brought Jiu-jitsu to its most effective and refined form “by defeating even the inventors of this diabolical art”.

These are some of the very unique historical and social factors that fueled the evolution of authentic Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and its curriculum into its modern incarnation. No other martial art or fighting system has gone through this generations long “trial by combat” and the result was an unprecedented body of self-defence knowledge that I have spent the last 25 years making available to you and includes:

A)Practical and proven solutions to real world attacks and confrontations, the way and where they actually happen. Not movie or TV inspired fantasy or silly tournament techniques that only work on the mats. This includes standing defenses, against walls or vertical surfaces, sitting down or in your car and on the ground in any conceivable position or scenario. If it can happen in real life we have a proven solution for you.


B) The ability to precisely “calibrate force and injury” so you can use exactly the amount of force or the right technique for the right situation all along a “sliding scale” of threat presented by the aggressor from simple nuisances like pushes and shoves all the way up to life threatening weapon attacks and everything in-between.   If it can happen in real life we have a proven solution for you that you know you are 100% legally and morally justified in using, no “tough guy” or military fantasy.     


C) A full body fitness and maintenance system that works with the design of your body and not against it. This allows people of all ages to practice jiu-jitsu safely and to make improvements all their lives and into advanced age. Any “self-defence” system that only works for very young and fit people is no self-defence system at all. If it can happen at any period of your life we have a proven solution for you that fits your body type, age and even infirmities.