Let me take the time to tell you about our unheard of “better than money back” guarantee.

In this “information” saturated world we live in, finding any kind of new product or service can actually be very difficult. The problem is not that there isn’t all this stuff out there but that there are just way, way too many choices. Furthermore, in all kinds of industries the “scammers”  long ago figured out that marketing or packaging is far more important than the quality or substance of your product so why try to improve it? The martial arts and self-defence “industry” is one of the best examples of this modern paradox. like “The boss” Rick Springsteen said in his song: “57 channels and nothing on”. In the world of self-defense it is usually, 157 different schools and nobody knows how to actually defend themselves in a real fight!

I know what it is like to be over whelmed by too many options and surrounded by self-proclaimed “experts” all telling me something different  and many just trying to take advantage of my ignorance. So I am going to give you a couple of simple facts to help you get through all the hype  and confusion out there when it comes to self-defence training and methodologies and then I am going to give you an unheard of personal guarantee.

Most of the public is simply not aware that in the entire world, only one self-defense system or martial art can make a legitimate and verifiable claim to have been proven the most effective. That’s right, proven more effective than all the rest. That system is authentic Brazilian style Jiu-jitsu; which has a proven track record of defeating all other fighters and fighting systems in documented public “no rules matches”, extending back in to the 1920s. This is unique and unprecedented in the history of martial arts.

However, most laypeople do not know the facts about self-defence systems and are attracted to new fads , sports or movie inspired trends. Every year there are “new” martial arts with weird new names and from exotic locations yet despite their claims and hype, they have all failed to replicate the results of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Every year, or even every few months there is some new “expert” trying to tell the public that he alone knows the secrets to self defense-to be honest only idiots with low self-esteem fall for some phony (usually more obese than the average person) pounding his chest about how tough they are. I mean, come on guys smarten up, if your “master” looks like some fat slob who hasn’t worked out anything in years(except maybe his mouth) it’s because he is a fat slob that hasn’t worked out in years! He is not a role model or “master”. (yes, Marcus we are talking about you among others.) They are a joke and so are their systems. The idea that one person, who usually has never been in a verifiable fight, knows things that one  else does is simply preposterous. The problem is the same as it always has been, the world is full of people who want you to pay them or inflate their ego by letting them pretend to be “deadly fighters” without ever having fought or at best merely competed in sport matches.

There is nothing really that new about fighting for those that actually have had to defend themselves in the real world. The Japanese came here in the 1900s and beat every one even though they were smaller than their opponents. Then that Jiu-jitsu knowledge got lost and watered down by becoming a sport and the public getting sold the latest fad. But in Brazil the old style Jiu-jitsu was preserved and improved on so that in the 1990s the Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighters came to North America and beat every one even though they were smaller than their opponents-sound familiar?

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is not the invention or possession of one person,( although there have been some very important contributors like Helio Gracie) it is instead, an evolutionary process where each generation has built on the knowledge and real world fighting experiences of the people before them. From instructor to student for nearly 100 years Brazilian Jiu-jitsu has delivered on the empty promises made by other “theoretical” or “deadly” self-defense systems.

I brought Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to Canada for the first time when no one had really even heard of it, let alone done it. I had to do this because no one else in the Canadian martial arts community wanted to (although they sure wanted to lie about it after the fact), they were all too busy doing kata or playing games and talking about how tough they were while growing their guts. I didn’t bring BJJ to Canada to follow a trend or fad. I didn’t do it to get a belt or win a trophy or for some other petty ego-gratification. I could have stayed in Canada and saved a lot of time and money if I wanted that. I did it because I wanted the best self-defense training in the world for myself and the people I cared about and for every one else that was actually in harm’s way and tired of the ridicules state of the self-defense industry -it was that simple.

I had no way of knowing how much Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts would grow and how popular it would become( BJJ is currently the world’s fastest growing martial art and MMA is the fastest growing professional sport on the planet). So of course now days every one is an expert and every one wants to take the credit for the work and sacrifices myself and a small group of dedicated BJJ pioneers made. But before that, the thanks I got from the “industry” was that the “masters” and “experts” tried to ridicule me because they felt so threatened by the veritable revolution in Self-defence that BJJ and MMA were causing. I was like the little kid in the story who said: look the emperor has no clothes, (well not ones that fit him well over his bloated belly or swollen head anyhow).  Needless to say that did not make me a lot of friends among the charlatans and fakes of the martial arts industry and to be honest, I am quite proud of that. Now, more than 20 years and Millions of practitioners latter who was right and whose motives can you trust? Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is not only the world’s fastest growing martial art, but is also the most imitated.-except no substitute.

For these reasons I am 100% confident in extending to you this better than money back, no strings attached, iron clad, carved in stone and written in blood personal guarantee. Here it is:

If you can find a better, more realistic and complete self-defense program that actually works better than our Brazilian Jiu-jitsu system, for smaller and weaker people under real world conditions-not only will I refund your money but I will pay for you to take this other course!…There you have it, A BETTER THAN MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, no other school and no other system could afford to make you this kind of offer.

If you have any questions or want more information, I encourage you to call me directly at my personal cell phone number. I will be happy to speak with you at length about you or your family’s  personal self-defence and fitness goals. You also have my guarantee that I actually answer my phone and if for some reason I can not, you have my word that I return all messages and e-mails. So what are you waiting for? Give me a call, I look forward to helping you make some informed decisions about self-defence programs. My personal number is: 778 552 3130.


Robert leRuyet

Founder of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in Canada and professional self-defence instructor.


If you prefer, send me an e-mail and feel free to go into as much detail as you need. All your information and questions remain confidential and purely between you and me. Therefore, you can feel free to discuss any self-defence concerns you or members of your family may have. The relationship between a self-defence provider and a prospective student has to begin with trust. Trust that we are looking after you and your best interests not trying to get you to buy into our agenda. I don’t need you to go to some tournament in order to make me or my team look good, I don’t need you to call me by some grandiose title to stroke my ego and I certainly do not want you to think that you have to uncritically accept any “tradition” or “tough guy” fantasy inspired by TV. If you are looking for a rational, provable and testable system of self-defence that is not only empowering but enjoyable you do not have to look any further.