Jiu-jitsu/MMA Abs Program

What follows is the written instructions or manual for the abdominal/core video exercise program I was hired to put together a few years ago. What made this ABS program unique was that it was entirely based on the “open guard” drills and exercises that have always been a fundamental part of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. The manual […]

“Stability”: A Scientific Definition

The last few posts we have been talking a lot about “balance” and “stability” and how they are the “first principle” or starting point in defending yourself in the real world or even just analyzing what can or has gone wrong with applying a self defense method. To recap all that information in a simple […]

Stability vs. Twinkies, which is better?

In the last few posts we have been discussing the supreme importance of “balance” and “stability” as it relates to self defense. Balance is so critical to all human athletic performance that it is often and paradoxically glossed over or taken for granted. In other words, many “pseudo-experts” and well-meaning instructors alike cannot see the […]

To be…(On the Ground), or not to be…

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, one of the very most moronic pieces of advice given to people by the “pseudo-experts” and a perfect example of unfounded opinions and baseless assertions being disseminated as fact, is the oft heard: “you should never be on the ground in a real fight”. This is […]

The Truth About “Haymaker” Defenses

This post is going to be about the “haymaker” also known as the “big right hand”. More specifically we are going to explore why real people in the real world have such difficulty defending themselves against this extremely widespread street attack. When I say the “real world” I really mean all over the world, where […]

“Fist Fighting”: A Cultural Perspective

Ever since the Rise in popularity of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, in North America, we have had to suffer through an on-going kind of stylistic and cultural backlash. The now ubiquitous mantra from old school “stand-up” self defense advocates goes something like this: “you never want to be on the ground in a real fight.” Aside from […]