Realistic Training Tips-installment 2

In this second instalment of our series on more realistic training methodologies, to enhance your Brazilian Jiu-jitsu self-defense skills, I wanted to address this rather tiresome “Gi” vs. “no Gi” controversy. This is relevant to our real-life self-defense discussion because one side or the other is often trying to tell the public that what they […]

Realistic Training Tips for BJJ and Self-defence

A lot of people ask me about the differences between the training methods of Sport Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and those of authentic, more complete and street self-defense orientated, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Therefore, I am going to begin a series of posts that will explore topics such as self-defense specific training drills of a kind that are going […]

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu-The Kicking Art? :Part 1

  When discussing martial arts, combat sports or unarmed fighting systems that put a heavy emphasis on kicking techniques most people, who know even a little about fighting styles, would never think to include Brazilian Jiu-jitsu among them. Instead, when we think of flying feet what usually comes to mind are popular martial arts like  […]

The New Kind of Personal-Defense Publication

  A while back I noticed there were some interesting new periodicals on the magazine rack at my local supermarket. I have to admit that these publications reminded me of the kind of stuff put out by, what some people once characterized as, the “gun nut”, “wako” or extreme right “survivalist” movement. I had always […]

Weapon Defenses-Update

The Urban environment you live, work, study or socialize in, is potentially a lot more hazardous than you might ever have imagined. Almost any place you go, you will be surrounded by dangerous “weapons” and not even realize it! What looks like ordinary cutlery, bottles, tools or even pieces of furniture to you, in reality, […]

Don’t Sweat It, Rep It

One of the very most common concerns that I hear from some self-defense students is that they feel that they may not be able to remember and therefore perform the appropriate “move” or self-defense technique if they found themselves in a real fight. I think this is a natural concern that probably all self-defense students […]

“Fist Fighting” A cultural Perspective:Part 3

As fate would have it, not long after finishing my post: “Fist Fighting, A Cultural Perspective-part 2”, I came across some interesting opinions on this very topic from a significant “martial arts”/self-defense historical figure.  This historical figure is none other than E.W. Barton-Wright.  As some of you may know, Barton-Wright was perhaps the first “Mixed […]

“Fist Fighting” A Cultural Perspective: Part 2

A Little while back I wrote my “Fist Fighting, a cultural perspective” post, If you have not read that one I suggest you go back and take a look at it. This one is going to be mostly some interesting historical evidence that I came across and that supports the contentions of the original post. […]

Wrist Locks-An Overview

A common question I  get is to explain the difference between Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and other systems or styles of Jiu-jitsu and why these other Jiu-jitsu styles often have so many wrist locks.  As far as major differences go, most people want to point out that Brazilian Jiu-jitsu places a heavy emphasis on ground grappling and […]

Part 2: Jigaro Kano-In His Own Words

Below is the second part of the February, 1913, English language interview given by Jigoro Kano to the New York based periodical “The Oriental Review”. This second part is the actual interview and we can literally read Jigaro kano, “in his own words” because of his fluency in English. His responses are obviously geared to […]