Jigaro Kano the True Founder of BJJ? & The True Purpose of His Jiu-jitsu

Part I The simple fact is, that there could not have been Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, or Russian Sambo for that matter, without the work and vision of Jigoro Kano. He laid both the technical, scientific and philosophical foundations of these systems. Moreover, and perhaps, more importantly, Kano had the social and political connections and influence to […]

The “Anti-Martial Arts Master”

PART ONE In my first post I had a little fun explaining why I generally have no time or patience for the kind of “intellectually deregulated”, moronic, infantile and often slanderous nonsense that the internet is notorious for and of which the martial arts “community” generally sets a “new low” in low standards. I ended […]

Weapon Defenses for the Street: A Conceptual Approach

Defending yourself against weapon attacks or assaults in the real world, is another topic that I am frequently asked about, and rightly so, because it is a very, very important area of personal defense. However, it is also one of these topics that ignites widely different opinions that can generate a lot of heated debate […]

The “Art of Maximum Deficiency”: or The Fundamental Problems with the “Rough & Tough” Approach to Self-defense

PART ONE   I A Cultural Paradigm Shift What I will be calling the “rough and tough” approach to self-defense, is one of the very most pervasive “schools of thought” within the self-defense community or industry. This school of thought may even be the single most persistent and influential perception of what “real”, “serious”, “extreme” […]

Krav Maga VS. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – Contrasts and Comparisons

PART ONE Both Krav Maga and BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU have become exceptionally popular martial arts and self-defense systems over the last couple decades. This alone says a lot about these fighting styles considering that going into the 1990s both of them were virtually unknown, even to the majority of martial arts practitioners in North America. While it may […]