Realistic Training Tips for BJJ and Self-defence

A lot of people ask me about the differences between the training methods of Sport Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and those of authentic, more complete and street self-defense orientated, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Therefore, I am going to begin a series of posts that will explore topics such as self-defense specific training drills of a kind that are going […]

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu-The Kicking Art? :Part 1

  When discussing martial arts, combat sports or unarmed fighting systems that put a heavy emphasis on kicking techniques most people, who know even a little about fighting styles, would never think to include Brazilian Jiu-jitsu among them. Instead, when we think of flying feet what usually comes to mind are popular martial arts like  […]

The New Kind of Personal-Defense Publication

  A while back I noticed there were some interesting new periodicals on the magazine rack at my local supermarket. I have to admit that these publications reminded me of the kind of stuff put out by, what some people once characterized as, the “gun nut”, “wako” or extreme right “survivalist” movement. I had always […]