Stability vs. Twinkies, which is better?

In the last few posts we have been discussing the supreme importance of “balance” and “stability” as it relates to self defense. Balance is so critical to all human athletic performance that it is often and paradoxically glossed over or taken for granted. In other words, many “pseudo-experts” and well-meaning instructors alike cannot see the […]

Part 4: Krav Maga vs. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Testing the Differences

In the previous segments of this series of posts, on the differences between Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, I argued that it was actually the underlying principles that were the biggest differences between these two self-defense systems. Furthermore, I demonstrated that true combat principles are not just a matter of arbitrary choice but should be […]

Part 2: “Evidence Based” Self-Defense

In my first post about “evidence based self-defense”, we discovered that even a profession as steeped in the scientific method as medicine is, still went through modern periods where unfounded opinions often held sway over more objective evidence. My point was, if this can happened in the medical profession, then it is almost guaranteed to […]

“Evidence-Based” Self-Defense?

A while back, I picked up the June, 2015 edition of “COMMON GROUND”. For those of you who are not from the greater Vancouver area or have never heard of “common ground”, it’s a local free Vancouver, British Columbia, based publication. This magazine specializes in articles about optimizing and alternative health, holistic well-being, spirituality and […]

The Truth About Multiple Opponent Defenses

Multiple opponents, multiple opponents, multiple opponents, as a Self-defense professional who focuses primarily on Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, I sure hear a lot about multiple opponents. Yes, that’s right; there is a multitude of opponents to our stand on multiple opponents. We hear so much about multiple opponents these days that it does get a little irritating. […]

Part 2: Krav Maga vs. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, First Principles

In an earlier post I discussed the major differences between Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu as self-defense systems. In that post I outlined that the most important difference between the two was that Brazilian Jiu-jitsu was not just an assortment of fighting techniques but was more importantly a collection of combat principles. The rebuttal is […]

Martial Arts and the Military Mind

A question that I am often asked is about the kind of unarmed combat, “defensive tactics”, martial arts or Hand-to-hand combat training that militaries use to train their soldiers. Many people often assume that the average soldier must be learning something…well…“military grade” that is far more secret and powerful than the civilian population has access […]

Case Study: for “To be…(On the Ground), or not to be…”

In my last post we looked at perhaps the very most common baseless assertion from the “pseudo-profession”. This wildly unsupported claim that: “you should never be on the ground in a real fight”, is really pretty dumb but is so wide spread that it causes a lot of confusion among the lay public looking for […]